distributed.net proxy network status (Project RC572 only)

The current distributed.net rate is 1354.30 gigakeys a second! Our total processing power is the equivalent of 644906.85 Intel Celeron 1 Ghz.

proxy.distributed.net Admin CheckIn Build Uptime Mkeys/secs Ready/Done DNS
keymaster 0.0m 352 6.6d 1,354,304.38 901120/2
bcserv01.moowrap.net Moo! Wrapper New 10.8m 351 3.9mo 521,492.50 19999409/0
proxy2.rwc.ca.us bang 8.8m 352 2.3y 430,815.82 5000180/0 us us23 us25 us80 us110 aussie aussie23 aussie25 aussie80 aussie110 euro euro23 euro25 euro80 euro110 asia asia23 asia25 asia80 asia110 jp23 jp25 jp80 jp110
proxy2.dal.tx.us ivo unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
proxy1.kl.my kiddo 8.7m 350 1.6y 12,382.52 70033/0 asia jp
proxy1.sfo.ca.us ivo 7.7m 352 4.2w 432,192.82 1000135/0 us us21 us23 us80 us110 aussie aussie21 aussie23 aussie80 aussie110 euro euro21 euro23 euro80 euro110 asia asia21 asia23 asia80 jp jp21 jp23 jp80 jp110
proxy1.ldn.uk mikereed unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown us us21 us23 us25 us80 us110 aussie aussie21 euro euro21 euro23 euro25 euro80 euro110 asia21 jp jp21
proxy1.ldn.uk mikereed 14.2m 352 7.6mo 383,388.90 10000002/0